Hélder Nunes

Talent skin deep

Passion for the Game

Rink Hockey’s a sport that comes from my family. I started out skating at the age of 2 because my father played and I early on I wanted to be like him. The Roller Hockey culture in Barcelos is very strong, so you’re more likely to learn how to skate, before you even get to learn how to walk.What really thrills me in Hockey is the challenge: It’s not easy to skate whilst you handle a stick, and manage to achieve perfect control over a ball, all at once. It’s a sport that requires a lot of practice and commitment in many fronts. This very challenge had my dedication toward Hockey, and from there on my dreams and professional fulfilment pushed me to try to become successful in this sport.Since I was young that I’ve been an athlete with good stamina, for my age, and that got me into teams and play with older guys than me, which was a big motivation as I wanted to prove I belonged in there, even though I was younger. In my opinion sport in essential in a child’s growth and development, since it allows for dreams and objectives, and without a doubt that made the person Am today, both in my personal life and in hockey.

Hélder Pereira Nunes

FC Porto
Current team
Professional debut


My career’s highlight was winning theRoller Hockey World Cup, at the World Roller Games, with the PortugueseNational Team (Barcelona, 2019). I believe it will always be the biggest momentin my career, but I still mean to keep on playing and winning team titles inall the teams I compete in. I want to win more world cups from now on, but thefirst one will always be special.On a personal level I’ve always wanted tobe the best in the world, so that drives me to make all the work and effort Iput in Hockey, happen at a 100% on a daily basis. To me every practice isalways like it’s the last one, so that I enjoy it to the max and always to bebetter.I try to get inspiration from my family andmy team mates. Team spirit and team mates are central for my personal growthand evolution as a player, because each one has something to teach, and if wecan learn from that, we’ll always be improving together and continually.

The Stick

“The stick’s design is fantastique with my tattoos as a personal touch, something which relates to me”‍ It’s always’s been a dream of mine to have my own stick. Through my Redbull partnership and with Azemad’s help, we decided to create a unique piece. The stick is a very personal object and its development took a long time due to various details and wood fine tuning, in order for it to be perfect.I like a stick that’s not too thin and a shaft that’s rounder than usual, so it doesn’t twirl and locks perfectly in my hand. To me the ideal stick needs to be “heavy”, which helps becoming harder, because I’m the sort of player that likes to take shots, and a harder stick makes it easier to get a more powerful shot.The stick’s design is fantastique with my tattoos as a personal touch, something which relates to me. I’ve got the perfect stick for me, which enables me to be at my best in every situation, and I recommend it to all whom relate to me and my playing style.