Jordi Burgaya

A mística do número 7

Passion for the Game

I was about 2 when I first got in touch with Roller Hockey, and learned to walk with a stick in my hands, because all of my family was involved with the sport. Later on I began taking my first steps on skates, in my garage and soon after I learned how to skate in CP Voltregá’s rink. I started to play in CP Vic at the age of 5, where I remained for 17 years. So, that’s how my passion for Roller Hockey was born and it means many special things for me. I’ve been playing the sport for many years now, from playing with friends to important tournaments even, and been fortunate to winning nice things alongside my friends and family. I’ve always had my family when growing up, and my brothers were always there for me, helping me to grow as a person. It’s an incredible sport and just the fact of putting on some skates, and having the chance to get in the ring to do what I love the most, makes me happy like a little boy.

Jordi Burgaya Vilaró

CP Voltregà
Current team
Professional debut


I’ve had some beautiful moments in my career. After 17 years in Vic, I moved out from my home to my first experience and challenge, in an incredible club such as Oliveirense, all in a short but intense time. I believe as highlights and as the most beautiful times, having the chance to play and win the Rink Hockey World Cup, with the Spanish National Team, as well as playing the Euro League final with CP Vic. I want to keep on improving day-after-day, in order to try and win as many titles and victories as possible in the world’s main leagues. The satisfaction from wins still motivates me in my journey as well as seizing the experience from playing in the best competitions in this sport, is what makes me happy. If this was a hobby in my early days, now I ‘ve got the chance to live and fulfil my professional dreams in Rink Hockey as well as appreciating an incredible experience.

The Stick

“What really impresses me the most is the ability that they still have in producing sticks bearing the exact characteristics that I want.”‍ Azemad is my all-time favourite brand. When I first started playing with Azemad’s, I tried out the Strong model, and played with it for some time, but as my playing evolved, I finally found the stick I deemed perfect for me and for my playing style, which is the AZEMAD PLUS. To me the PLUS model fits perfectly my playing style, for its weight and flexibility, with a somewhat wider but light shaft, which makes the geometry quite balanced, and in turn grants me a greater ball control. I recommend it because I find it easy for a player’s adaptation. Azemad’s stick quality is acknowledged by everyone, but what really impresses me the most, is the ability that they still have in producing sticks bearing the exact characteristics that I want.”