João Rodrigues

The Brave Striker

Passion for the Game

My dad played field hockey so I went along with him to every practice and match, so that’s how my big love for stick and ball was born. My sister was into artistic roller skating, and I learned how to skate with her, and just fell in love with skates. Bringing together my father’s hockey influence with my sister’s love for skating, I got the best of both worlds, and ended up enrolling in Roller Hockey, just five years old.So, Roller hockey became my biggest passion. It’s an exuberating sport as far as show it puts on, where speed is the culprit given the fact how fast everything’s happening. Hockey shaped my personality and everyone that I’ve ran into in this journey has influenced me, one way or another. The experiences this sport has offered me throughout the years have very been helpful to face the biggest challenges in my life.Sports are a fundamental tool for young people’s personal development and growing up, and I wasn’t the exception.

João Miguel Brazão Rodrigues

FC Barcelona
Current team
Professional debut


Luckily, I’ve had the chance to be in big clubs, which have allowed me to fight for important titles, and therefore my accomplishments have had a big role in my evolution and career, but I would highlight winning the World Cup at the World Roller Games in Barcelona in 2019, as it’s the fulfilment of my biggest objective/dream since I was a quite young.Even though I’ve fulfilled one of my biggest dreams as an athlete, my passion for sports, and Roller Hockey in particular, remains my motivation and inspiration, enabling me to enjoy every practice and every match.There’re still many titles to win year after year and I wish to continue writing my name in the history annals of those great competitions.

The Stick

“BRAVE HAS UNIQUE FEATURES. Is a Stick with goal written all over it.”‍ This stick has unique features since it’s the only one with a wide profile from the shaft all the way to the Handle. I’ve always been fond of a stick with a thin shaft, as to have a more flexible grip, however for my playing style, I needed a stick that would give me greater success for mid-height shots.So, Azemad proposed a never-seen-before, all-new bold concept, which met my dexterity characteristics. The Brave stick began development in partnership with Azemad, that sorted out the right balance weight, my perfect spot and as well as for those whom relate to my playing style.This way I can take advantage of all the width available on a stick, whilst keeping a thin shaft, which increases the odds of successful shot aimed at the second goal post, given the fact it features a bigger contact area, enabling me to be ready to meet any ball that comes my way, Brave is a Stick with goal written all over it.