Roc Pujadas

The young prodigy

Passion for the Game

From an early age I started to nurture my passion for Roller Hockey, mainly due to the influence of my family, especially my older brother who already played. I was 3 years old when my best friend and I started playing at Club Pati Manlleu, the club in my city.‍ In the early days I wanted to be a goalkeeper, because in the team I played in never had any goalies, so I decided to have go. However, I didn't like the experience very much and I felt that my aptitude was to skate away in the rink, so it was a short-lived experience. I did my training as a player at Manlleu, until I was 18 years old.‍ Hockey is everything to me, it is my life. I love to play, but I also enjoy watching a hockey match and I do it every, because it is something that I fall in love with. Being able to compete and be present on the big stages is something that motivates me to grow and evolve.

Roc Pujadas Colomer

FC Porto
Current team
Professional debut


I am still very young and I am now starting to build my own history in Rink Hockey. The most remarkable moment of my career so far was winning the World Roller Games U19, in Barcelona, with the Spanish team.‍ In addition, one of the biggest challenges I had as a player was trying to get CP Manlleu to the OK Liga, but unfortunately we did not succeed, though we were always very close.‍ I have the motivation and ambition to improve day after day and my biggest dream is to be able to represent the Spanish national team. I have many inspirations in Roller Hockey, but a player that I appreciate and serves as an incentive for me is Ferran Font, as he is still very young and has already managed to reach a very high level in this sport.

The Stick

“I recommend this stick model [AZEMAD SPECIAL] because it is very balanced for any style of play.”‍ My favorite Stick is the AZEMAD Special, I´ve been using it since I was little and for me it is the best stick on the market and the one that best adapts to my playing style. I like the characteristics of this stick because it is light and easy to handle, it is a technically balanced stick and also good for shooting.‍ I feel that the durability of this stick is quite good, because I´ve used it for a long time now and in training / game situations of great intensity, without it wearing out easily and without having to change sticks regularly.‍ Whether for a player with a great technical ability or for those with a good shot, I recommend this stick model because it is well balanced for any style of play.