Pau Bargalló

A titles machine!

Passion for the Game

Started playing at the age of 3 in the Ataneu de Sant Sadurní pavilion (CE NOIA). My two brothers, Oriol and Jordi, were already playing and both became professional roller hockey players. That's why my family has always been connected to roller hockey, which is the passion of our entire family. In fact, my father was the president of CE Noia before I was born. Roller hockey is my life! I enjoy every day as if it were the first, whether it's training, playing, or watching games. I love everything related to roller hockey!

Pau Bargalló Poch

FC Barcelona
Current team
Professional debut


Fortunately, there are some memories I remember with particular enthusiasm, such as being able to lift the World Cup trophy as captain of the Spanish national team or the 2023 European Championship in my hometown of Sant Sadurní de Anoia. When I won the European Champions Cup at Dragão Caixa against FC Porto. The first trophy I won with Barça, which was the King's Cup in Alcobendas where I had a very good game and won my first MVP. I can also mention the CERS Cup with CE Noia, which was also very special because I managed to win a title with the club of my life before leaving and completing my training period in the best possible way. And finally, the Catalonia and Spain junior championships are also some of the best moments I've experienced in hockey, not because of the importance of winning one of these championships, but because I was fortunate enough to achieve it with my longtime friends.

The Stick

I never believed I could create a stick that fulfilled all the characteristics I wanted in a perfect stick. This is Azemad. When I visited Azemad's factory, I understood why it was possible. They have the best resources, with many skilled professionals and a great passion for making the best possible equipment for us, which reminds me of the passion we have for playing. It's a design we created together, my partner Elia and I. She's a designer. It was clear to me that I wanted this stick to be accompanied by important aspects of my life, such as my family and friends, my hobbies, my career, and the city and team where I started playing hockey. Each small design has a personal meaning, trying to blend it with a "Street" style.