Ferran Font

The young flash

Passion for the Game

My interest for Rink Hockey began when I was little, with my dad’s influence who was once both player and manager. Besides that, in my home town Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Rink Hockey’s the most popular sport and loved by the community, so my contact with skates and a stick was always big.‍ Luckily that passion, which started very early on, soon became a reality and Hockey is everything to me. I was able to turn a professional player, but more than just a job, Hockey is something that I really love and see myself doing for the rest of my life.‍ Thanks to this sport I grew not only as a player but as a person as a result of all the experiences and challenges I had to overcome. I still have the ambition to up my game as well as keeping focused as much as possible.

Ferran Font i Sánchez

Sporting CP
Current team
Professional debut


I’m still a young player and have many achievements I dream about fulfilling, but luckily I have the opportunity to play in one of the best teams in the world, Sporting CP, as well as in the Spanish National Team, which is a world power and one the major teams in Rink Hockey.‍ So, that brings me closer to reaching my goals and I’m lucky to have already accomplished great wins, such as the European Clubs League with Sporting CP (Lisbon, 2019) and the Rink Hockey’s European Cup (Coruña, 2018) .‍I want to keep evolving, to learn new things in order to remain in the big stage, to get to have all possible titles, to keep on enjoying Rink Hockey and the locker room atmosphere with my teammates.

The Stick

“What I appreciate most is the ability to adapt the characteristics of the stick to the evolution of my game.”‍ My stick of choice because it best suits me is the AZEMAD Flash. It all began when one of Azemad’s representatives in Catalonia, Santi Almató, from Hockeymania, approached me with both a collaborative and sponsorship project for representing the brand. The project presented by Azemad seemed very interesting to me as a player, but also because of the brand’s vision as a Rink Hockey driving force. So, the stick I chose was the Flash, because at the time I believed it was the model that best suited my personality, as when I’m in the rink I try to be unpredictable as a Flash.‍ What I appreciate most is AZEMAD's ability to constantly adapt the characteristics of the stick to the evolution of my game, thus elevating the bar for all things regarding customization, which I consider essential for a good performance, without taking away the key identity that makes up my style.