Chilean talent

The passion for the game

I started my journey in hockey at the age of two, propelled by the strong influence of my father and my brother, who have always been involved in this sport. I grew up absorbing their passion for hockey, following their games, and naturally, I ended up embracing the family tradition. The countless sensations I experience during the game are truly indescribable. Each moment on the field is a unique opportunity to experience the intensity of the sport.


Playing in the world's best championships and also representing my country by playing for the Chilean national team. In terms of clubs, all the titles I won were beautiful, but I can highlight two, winning the Copa de la Reina, which is one of the most important trophies in Spain, and also with Benfica, the first national championship against Sporting, it was a great final. On the national team level, I can highlight the Barcelona World Championship where we finished third in the world.

The Stick

For me, the AZEMAD is the best stick there is at the moment. It gives me confidence, security, and a lot of comfort. More than liking and identifying with the design, I wouldn't trade it for another. I think every player's dream is to play with their own stick. Mine says 'Cata Flores' because that's what everyone usually calls me. It has some stars because I always think about winning, and those stars remind me of that. Lastly, the flowers are because of my last name. Without my family, especially my father and my brother, I wouldn't be the player or the person I am today. My family is far away, but I carry them with me on my stick in every game.